Calgary Internet Marketing on Google

(Republished from Feb 24, 2009)

Five weeks have passed since I optimized my website – – and began writing about it in this blog. Within 2 weeks of making changes to some of my content, my meta tags, some page titles and the menu, I began to see the impact. Ironically, as is often the case with Google, my site actually lost position in some of the searches I was using before. The keywords “Calgary Internet Marketing” and “Internet Marketing Calgary” were less effective and I dropped from page 8 to page 12 and beyond.

Today marks the beginning of what I suspect will be a journey to page 1 before I am finished. The reason I say this is that several positive things have happened and I have not made any additional changes in the interim.  Now that I have proven to myself that my efforts did not in fact get me blacklisted, I am happy to say I will proceed with some other search engine optimization techniques in my attempt improve my position.

What happened to suggest things are working?  Well, the site reappeared on page 8 of Google for both of these search terms. In case you missed it in a prior post, the search for “Calgary Internet Consulting” and  “Internet Consulting Calgary” found the site on pages 1 and 3 of Google, while ” Calgary Internet Consultant” and ” Internet Consultant Calgary” have the site showing up on pages 2 and 3. So the results are not too shabby so far.

Another thing that happened was my first request from another website marketer to add their link to my site. They want to provide a reciprocal link on their site (which recently Google began to frown upon) so I will have to consider the options.

By the way I currently own 3 websites and will be happy to place quality links on those sites if anyone fits the category. You can check them out at and . Just send me an e-mail and I’ll have look.

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