Calgary search engine optimization experiment

(Republished from May 4, 2009)

It has been another 16 weeks since I began tracking the results of  my search optimization experiment. I mostly have been letting the project cook awhile and I have not been making a lot of  major changes to the home page. Basically the efforts made in the first few weeks have sustained their early success and my position for the original phrases I was optimizing for have held their positions on the first few pages of Google.

Here are the current statistics:

Keyword Phrase Google Yahoo MSN
Calgary Internet Marketing 34 64 20
Internet marketing Calgary 29 70 12
Internet consulting Calgary 3 8 5
Calgary Internet consulting 7 28 4
Calgary Internet consultant 7 15 5
Internet consultant Calgary 6 8 5
SEO Calgary n/a n/a n/a
Calgary SEO n/a n/a n/a
Search Engine Optimization Calgary n/a n/a 41
Calgary Search Engine Optimization n/a n/a 24

Some of these phrases have improved while others have declined or remained in approximately the same position. The improved positions are highlighted in red.  Most importantly some of the highlighted phases are appearing in the top 10 pages for the first time. n/a means they are not in the first 10 pages and for all intents and purposes, invisible to most people searching  for them on the web.

While this is by no means perfection, it is important to see progress, especially in an area on the Internet where all the experts live. Search engine optimization experts should be able to position themselves highly in the searches for their services and they are the people who not only understand the system, but need to be able to use it effectively to get resutls for their clients, who don’t.

At Millenium Consulting, we teach you to understand how easy it is be found and you will find this especially true if you are in an industry that does not have the knowledge or experience to make it happen.

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