Optimizing For Search After the Click

I receive a lot of emails and feeds from Internet marketing professionals who are considered to be gurus in the field. One such article I feel is worth passing on was about the importance of testing user activity on a website after your search engine results have generated traffic to your site and what happens after they have landed.

Many website owners don’t realize that when visitors arrive on their websites and then leave immediately without  visiting another page, they represent more than just a lost client. We now call these unconverted web tourists “bounces” and Google uses the pages’ Bounce Rates to determine the value of a site for keyword search accuracy and rank. A bounce rate of 75% or more is a disaster while a bounce rate of 25% or less is considered exceptional.

If you score poorly in Google’s evaluation regarding your Bounce Rate, you can slide down in page position and the result will be less traffic which leads to  poor ranking in another of  Google’s criteria. This begins a vicious spiral out of the high traffic search zone on the search engines.

Read this article by Rob Garner to see what the experts are looking at.

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