Major Calgary SEO Success

(Republished from August 6, 2009)

I recently read on another Internet consultant’s website that we have to be able to practice what we preach to verify that we are capable of providing quality service to our clients.

I fully agree with this statement which is why I have been running the Calgary search engine optimization experiment since March 2009. Since then I have been tracking the results of a number of keywords 0n 3 search engines in one of the toughest categories to crack in the search engine optimization industry.

The category I am referring to of course is the SEO industry itself. It only follows that the experts in this industry, whether located in Calgary, or anywhere else in the world should be able to get a page 1 position on the search engines in the city in which they work.

Of course many companies are sending out massive numbers of emails to us, promoting their SEO services and promising to “get you on page 1 for your keywords or industry”. Let me clearly state once again – Anyone promising to put your site on page 1 without interviewing you, assessing your website and basically analyzing every aspect of your competition is someone to be avoided.

My experience with clients who have paid $1000′s of dollars for these types of services suggests they usually get a high ranking with search words that do not benefit their business at all.The same is true for Pay Per Click advertisers. While they may show up on page 1 remember that simply means they are bidding higher than their competitors for the same keywords. It does not verify that they are actually effective at search engine optimization.More about that in another post.

One test you can run to evaluate a consultant of any type is to see if they are successful in achieving the goals for themselves that they promise to you. While my search engine optimization experiment has not been 100% successful to date, I have been achieving significant progress and recently made a major breakthrough. In order to achieve success as an Internet marketing consultant in the highly competitive high tech city of Calgary, one category that needs results is search engine optimization.

You can design a great looking website and have all the bells and whistles, but if nobody can find your site on the search engines, whatever you have invested in your website is not going to as valuable as it could be.

The breakthrough came in the keywords ” Calgary SEO ” and “Calgary search engine optimization“. While I have achieved major success with other keywords, these ones were the hardest to optimize for and  I was obviously competing with the most experienced and effective SEO experts in Calgary.

Something you need to appreciate is that page rank and position are impacted by the age of your website, so if someone created a Calgary based search engine optimization website 4 or 5 years ago, they would now rank quite high. My site is newer. So here is a comparison of my results after 6 months:

March 17, 2009
Keywords Google Yahoo MSN/Bing
Calgary Internet Marketing 44 38 27
Internet marketing Calgary 38 47 36
Internet consulting Calgary 5 4 5
Calgary Internet consulting 23 4 9
Calgary Internet consultant 26 5 9
Internet consultant Calgary 8 5 4
SEO Calgary n/a n/a n/a
Calgary SEO n/a n/a n/a
Search Engine Optimization Calgary n/a n/a 42
Calgary Search Engine Optimization n/a n/a 24
August 6, 2009
Keywords Google Yahoo MSN/Bing
Calgary Internet Marketing 8 16 27
Internet marketing Calgary 14 28 36
Internet consulting Calgary 1 5 5
Calgary Internet consulting 1 3 9
Calgary Internet consultant 1 4 9
Internet consultant Calgary 1 8 4
SEO Calgary 67 92 50
Calgary SEO 53 73 30
Search Engine Optimization Calgary 45 26 32
Calgary Search Engine Optimization 38 25 16

While these numbers are not exceptional for the last 4 rows this is the first week that the site has appeared in the top 100. I hope to see continued progress in this area. Stay tuned.

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