Search Engines Like WordPress

Reposted from ( July 14, 2009)

I switched my website ( over from being a  simple static HTML based site to a WordPress – CMS ( Client Managed System) because a friend of mine told me that Google liked blogs better than your regular website.  He mentioned that Google will index your site more often if it is built on a WordPress engine.

So I rebuilt my site using WordPress and, switched it on and then waited to see if Google was treating me any better on the search engines than before.

Lo and behold it is. My site’s search engine ranking is improving significantly.

Compare these numbers to those on my post from May 4th.

Calgary Internet Marketing 14-Jul-09 12
Internet marketing Calgary   24
Internet consulting Calgary   2
Calgary Internet consulting
Calgary Internet consultant   10
Internet consultant calgary   6

The positioning is significantly better that it was before. The bolded results are improved over the last time I checked.

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