Internet Marketing for Calgary

I get a lot of email from Internet marketing companies that are much bigger than mine.  It’s my job to keep up to date. In fact, I get about 20 newsletters each day from a variety of “Internet marketing experts”.

These come from a range of Search Engine Optimization marketing individuals and high tech research firms who are trying to sell me the next latest, greatest software application that will guarantee me 1000’s of visitors to my websites, to daily updates about Facebook, LinkedIn and the newest social media fad

Problem is all this information is a little bit overwhelming.

I work here in and around Calgary and I really find that most of the information I get applies to companies and people who might be trying to find business in a much larger market space. It doesn’t apply to me.

Most companies in Calgary are not international. The average business owner in Calgary is just trying to keep local Calgary customers coming to their location on a regular basis.

If you are a small business owner in Calgary, do you really need to know how to link 1000’s of businesses to your website, or track 40 sales reps across Canada with the new IPad3, or have your website designed for visitors who speak 40 different languages? I don’t think so.

Face it. Everybody is trying to sell us all something new and 95% of the time, it probably isn’t anything we really need. Most of these products and services are the latest fad and will disappear over the next year.

If you are a Calgary based business, and your customers are from the Calgary area, all you need to know is how to increase customer awareness about your business. If you can focus on this you can save a lot of time and reduce your advertising costs as well. Effective Internet Marketing is not as hard as all that other stuff.

And the rest is simply too much for the rest of us to even think about.

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