Calgary Internet Marketing Companies and Bad English

I just can’t take it any more. About 6 times a week I receive a request from some foreign Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimization company offering to help me improve my page rank on the search engines or help me manage my client’s websites for less. I am already number 1 for “Calgary Internet Consulting”

The first thing I notice about these messages is that they can’t even write using proper grammar or the correct words and spelling.

I follow Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization posts using Google Alerts and every day someone is writing something about how important it is to optimize your website so that people can find you better.

Today I was notified of a post that was added to a WordPress blog where the writer didn’t even change the original WordPress installation content from that which is automatically included when you install WordPress on your server.

The content was so poorly written that I could barely follow the flow of it and the words used were so out of touch with the way we Calgarians speak that I instantly knew this had to originate from another hemisphere. I was wrong – this is a local Calgary Internet marketing firm claiming to be able to put you on page 1 of Google.

Here is an excerpt including a spelling mistake:

“Today, marketing takes place to be remarkably various from exactly what it ‘occured’ (OCCURRED) to be a number of years back. Marketing has definitely transformed from television alongside print marketing to internet marketing. In addition to these, mobile marketing has certainly literally gotten in the configuration and also broadened tremendously”. What did you say?

Other important rules for effective Internet marketing were broken everywhere. Why bother to write something if the reader has no way to respond to you, no company name, no logo; no form to fill out?

There is a clue though, hidden within the article in the form of one link to the author’s website. If you look hard you can find it. Is this how this company optimizes its website for the search engines? Is this how you want an SEO expert to get you noticed?

All the Internet Marketing experts I know  understand that if your website uses bad language or has spelling mistakes, the first impression you make when a visitor arrives is that you are not professional.

Read it for yourself and tell me if you disagree with my perspective. You can find it here.


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