Improve SEO with Effective Link Managment

One of the fastest ways to increase your Bounce Rate is to send people off to other websites, blogs or online articles.  However, there is a very simple solution to eliminate this which I find isn’t used enough by even the experts.

Two of the most important search engine optimization factors that you can impact in a blog or website are related to how you manage your links.

One of the most obvious factors is the use of keywords in the link text itself. Internal page links to other pages in your own site via your navigation bar,  internal page links for content on the same page and finally links to other sites and blog articles that you want to direct visitors to visit should all contain effective keywords whenever possible.

This increases the keyword count on your website and, because it is embedded in the link itself, search engines consider it more important than text in a paragraph on it’s own.

You can increase the value even more by using headers <h #> values as well. WordPress is very helpful because it will create a menu item automatically when you add a new page and place the link title at the top of the page with an <h1> value that is a link to the page itself. Sometime it may be redundant but not always, and it depends on the rest of the content how it looks.

Another extremely important factor in improving page rank on search engines involves Bounce Rate. This link will take you to Wikipeia’s definition of  ”Bounce Rate” and how it factors into your success.

Google considers the Bounce Rate results when determining whether or not your site is the best place to send visitors searching for your keywords. If they leave your site immediately, Google considers your site to be less valuable than your competitor who has a lower Bounce Rate and longer page view. Moving to another page within your website doesn’t decrease your value as this suggests you are the better location and visitors are staying around to see more because of it.

Simply create a link that opens the new URL in a new page.   This leaves your page open and opens a new page for the visitor. They will then be able to move around inside the new site, and when done reading the article or watching the video, simply shut down that page. The result is they are still on your site and ready to carry on investigating what you have to offer. You haven’t lost them and they don’t have to keep hitting the back button to return to the page they left on your site.

Since Bounce Rate is so important to search engine optimization success, why do so many search engine optimization experts fail to apply it?  

Maybe they don’t know the code ” target=_blank” which is added to the end of the <a href=””> address like this: <a href=” target=_blank”>.

This article explains very clearly how to use it if you are hardcoding your pages with HTML. Calgary Internet Marketing Link to HTML description and I have employed both the SEO factors discussed in this article to this link as an example. 

Effective use of Search Engine Optimization is required if you are going to get traffic to your website. When  you have accomplished that, don’t lose them by sending them to somebody else.





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