Google Adwords-Does It Work?

Does Google Adwords Pay Per Click Work for Retail Stores, Restaurants and other Local  Calgary Businesses?


The only time you will not benefit from paying for Pay Per Click services like Google Adwords is when your website has been optimized for the search engines so well that you are near the top of page 1 in the organic listings.

Since page 1 only has space for 10 websites, and the paid ads and Google Places at the top of the page, using a Pay Per Click Adwords campaign can benefit you in many ways.

Compare the ROI of any other type of paid advertising and you will find that it is much better with online ads than with newspapers, radio, TV, billboards or any other traditional media. Unless your advertising budget is in the $1000s then a well designed Google Adwords Pay per Click ad campaign is a great solution.

 All other forms of advertising are categorized as Intrusion Marketing. However, when people search for your product or service online, you are helping them find the solution they need. This is called Inbound Marketing.

Originally the main media for Inbound Marketing was the Yellow Pages. There still are Yellow Book services online; however they don’t provide you with the control you get from your own Google Adwords Campaign. And, just like all yellow book ads, you end up listed with all the other related companies, paying for position even though you don’t know if people are actually seeing your expensive ads.

 This chart shows clearly how one Calgary Furniture Store was able to use a Google Adwords Campaign combined with Google Analytics to confirm that the small cost of Pay Per Click advertising increased visitors to their website and to their store during a 30 day period.

You can see clearly that the number of customers matches the traffic flow to the website and the PPClicks. At the beginning of the month, the Adwords campaign was paused. Again it was paused from March 19th to March 22nd. 

We can that there is a delay from the traffic visiting the site to the customers in the store, but generally there is a match in the flow. We didn’t get customer stats for Friday March 9th because the store was so busy that they lost track.

Note the decline in customers and visitors to the website when the Adwords Campaign was paused March 19th.

One final noteduring the Google Adwords campaign we promoted a Store Wide Sales Event that started on March 8th and ended on March 19th and were able to establish the impact of advertising the event. You can see that the number of customers peaked at this time. There were many more customers during the first weekend of the campaign than any other period during the month. Monday’s are are the slowest day of the week and tehh customer count on Monday March 26th verifies this.

At the time of this writing, we have no customer statistics beyond March 26th however the trend shows a gradual increase of visitors to the website in general.

Are you tracking your advertising campaigns? Is your ROI matching your expectations?

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