SEO More Important than Ever

If I may quote  the editor and chief of  Website Magazine - Pete Prestipino:

“In my position as Editor-in-Chief of Website Magazine, I’m a believer that SEO as a marketing practice is now far more difficult than ever before (and there’s much in the way of proof to support that), but it’s also become, well, better. It’s harder to follow and capitalize on the myriad technical challenges and the preferences of search engines, yet the proven SEO strategies of today are better at helping businesses provide users with meaningful and actionable information and even at protecting us – search engine marketers – from ourselves.”  Read the entire article

As an Internet Marketing Consultant and SEO professional I find it interesting how many people in the industry are saying that “SEO is dead” or that “SEO doesn’t work“.  I have read many articles by so called experts who claim that  SEO professionals are charlatans who charge clients for services that do not get the expected results.

Some  of these people rely on their status in the marketplace as affiliates or employees of large marketing companies who promote products and services related to website design such as WordPress Plugins and Themes. They specialize in the development of websites, which in my opinion do not begin with SEO in mind

For the past year I have been working as the website developer and SEO professional for a retail furniture company that owns 2 stores, one in Calgary and one in Airdrie.  Their websites were launched about 1 year ago in October and in November.  

Being new and in a very competitive market, the Calgary website was definitely going to take a lot of planning and work to show up in the organic search engine results.  There were many other retails furniture stores who had been on the web since as far back as 2000. One of the most important factors influencing  rank and position on the search engines is age. We were brand new.

Still, in less than 6 months, the Airdrie furniture store began to rank highly for many of the important keywords and phrases need to drive traffic to the site.  Currently this site ranks on page 1 of Google for 37 keywords and phrases pertaining to furniture sales in Airdrie.  In many cases the competition has been bump from the first position and we are number 1 for about 14 keywords and phrases.

Most importantly web traffic has increased significantly as has traffic to the store. Sales are up over a year ago and business is improving.  I should not that  we are using local newspaper ads to promote the site as well. This strategy works well for small markets as just about everyone in Airdrie sees them. This is not a strategy I recommend for large markets such as Calgary where ad prices make it a very expensive endeavor and results cannot easily be monitored.

The Calgary store required a more aggressive strategy since the competition was so well entrenched in their top positions in the search engines for the keywords and phrases we wanted to SEO for .

We started by testing keywords and phrases using Google Pay Per Click . This is an expensive strategy when the competition is already using it but we were able to drive enough traffic to the site to establish a very low bounce rate, another factor high on the list of website evaluation factors used by the search engines.  This proved our site was what people were searching for. 

As of this writing we have increase traffic from 10 visitors a day to 200 – from 300 per month to 6000.  Today is the last day we use Google paid ads.

Our  organic rank on the search engines has improved so much that we are on page 1 for 28 keywords and phrases. and number 1 for 12.

So, the next time you read an article that says ” SEO doesn’t work” or “Give up the SEO dream”, don’t believe it. And if you have hired a professional SEO expert but are not getting the results you think you should, call us. We will do a free evaluation to determine if your “expert” is a true SEO  advisor, or simply someone selling SEO services without doing the hard work that is needed to make your site rank well.

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