Clients Need Help

WordPress is Simple But Not Easy 

WPBusinessessentialSML I started building websites using WordPress about 5 years ago.  The reason was that it was considered the the best and easiest Content Management System available and I was looking for a solution for my clients  that would allow them to update their own sites and save money.

I learned slowly that no matter how simple I thought the WordPress CMS was, my clients were going to struggle. I had been using HTML and CSS for years and didn’t realize that the knowledge base this provide me was giving me a false impression. WordPress is complicated when you don’t know how to layout pages using HTML and CSS.  Programmers see their pages in a completely different world.  I spent hours training clients only to have them return more confused than ever by how to do the simplest steps.  I no longer expect them to do the work themselves. Adding content to a website involves not only adding images and text, but creating content that is search engine friendly, understanding how to add links that improve search engine positioning and how to position components so they look go and so much more.

The next step for me was to find a way to help them learn the basics in a way they could revisit the information they needed to get the job done right. While most still need my help, many have developed the knowledge to do most of the work themselves.  I searched for videos and training programs but most were either incomplete or too expensive. Some were too complicated. 

Recently I found WordPress Apprentice, a website offering 2 levels of WordPress training; one for beginners and another for more advanced users.  If you need to learn or relearn the basics of operating your WordPress website, or want to delve deeper into the WordPress programming world you should have a look here.  Visit WordPress Essentials Now.

They have a free mini training program for your to try out as well.