How do you get your qualified visitors to sign an agreement, pay a deposit or the price of the product and “close the sale”?

If you are selling music, software or an e-book for $19.00 and I can use it right now, you may get me to buy it right on your website. and I will download it instantly. Getting a ResponseOn the other hand, if you are a home renovator, insurance agent, or offer products or services that needs to be delivered to your customers at a later date, your website needs to be designed to achieve a completely different result.

 Is your current website designed to close the sale?

The problem is that  your website may not be able to answer all the objections or questions your newly found qualified customer is thinking about. Every experienced salesperson has heard the ultimate objection, the one that is almost impossible to respond to :

“I’d like to think it over!”

There are literally hundreds of books that try to answer that objection. You may have salespeople who can get past it while sitting in front of customers, but how does you website deal with it? It just sits there looking good while the qualified potential customer clicks the “Close Window” button and turns off their computer, touch pad or cell phone. And that’s that!

Many people want your product or service. Just not right now!  It’s not because you didn’t do everything right. A living salesperson wouldn’t have done it any better.

Maybe they want to think about it because they are expecting to get a cheque in the mail in a week or so. Maybe the renovation needs to be done when the weather improves.

In real life, the sales person would get that information and ask if they could call back and  call them the day the cheque was expected to arrive or the weather improved.  And if the customer was ready to buy they would get the appointment and make the sale.

We call that “Conversion” and websites need to convert qualified visitors into qualified leads because, unless you sell software or digital products that can be instantly downloaded, you are going to lose a lot of qualified leads that you could have kept for future sales.

So how do you convert qualified visitors into qualified leads?   Use a trial close! Get them to give you their contact information.