What happens after you get a qualified visitor to land on your website and get them interested in your product or service?

When using the AIDA system your salesperson has to create the Desire needed to get the the customer to take action, by demonstrating the product, answering objections and questions Answerin Objectionsand helping them understand that your company has the answers to what they are looking for. On the Internet we call this step “Retention.

You create retention by providing enough quality information to demonstrate that your product or service will solve the customer’s problem. And your qualified visitor has got a problem!

We know this because they searched the Internet looking for someone to solve their problem and now you have them on your website for as long as you can keep them there.

While providing solutions may seem as easy as stating what you do and how great your company is – this is probably the biggest mistake website owners make. That’s because its what all your competitors are doing. In order to stand out as a better solution provider you have to be different from the past 3 websites or next 3 websites your visitor may go to.

You have to build trust and that’s no simple matter.  You can add testimonials, samples of your work and other references but how do you know what your visitors are looking for?

My best answer at this stage is to ask them. Ask them questions that lead them to the best answers you can give.

Ask  questions so that they start to think about what answers they didn’t even know they had questions about. Take them deeper into their problem and lead them toward what many Internet Marketing consultants call  a “Conversion”. I call it a “Response” and it is the Final Component of Successful Internet Marketing