Website Makeover

If your website isn’t generating the kind of business growth you’re looking for, it may be that it isn’t

  • because of poor page rank on the search engines.
  • because of a failure to use social media effectively or
  • the need for new designs made specifically for mobile devices and tablets.

It may be because your website isn’t generating new business leads effectively because of  poor strategic website design.

These factors will impact your results:

  • Websites do need to show up on search engines.
  • They do need to display well on mobile devices.
  • You do need to use Social Media effectively.
  • You do need to get traffic to your website.
  • But the biggest problem you need to overcome is poor conversion rates when you do get traffic. 

Whether you continue to use traditional advertising methods, Pay Per Click advertising, rank high on search engines or advertise your site through Social Media, your success will be determined by what happens when and where visitors land on your site.

Low conversion rates are the result of ineffective website design.  Over the years website designers have focused on selling websites that the owners liked  instead of websites that your customers like.  If you like your website, but it isn’t working for you,  you need to understand that there are tools and methods available to fix that problem.

With an effective website makeover strategically designed to drive visitors to the content they are searching for, you will get more business.

I can show you how!