Marketing Thoughts

Pay-Per-Click positioning not so important

Google Chief Economist Hal Varian states “An ad that had a 1.0% conversion rate in the best position would have about a 0.95% conversion rate in the worst position,… Continue reading

You Can’t Take It With You – Domains

I was doing some research today on the concept of building your own website using services that offer everything for non-programmers. There are several and at first glance some of… Continue reading

Can you convert your marketing into a religion?

We’ve all seen that. And if it works for a bunch of crazies, why not make the same marketing strategies work for your product or service? Can you possibly adapt… Continue reading

Search Engine Marketing Scams

I am always amazed by how often experts, or people who claim to be experts, will use their knowledge to take advantage of a situation when dealing with clients or… Continue reading

Systems make Marketing Effective

I recently attended an Internet Marketing seminar here in Calgary which included  an excellent lunch. It was presented in a meeting room attached to a prominent Calgary hotel restaurant.… Continue reading