SEO Experiment

Search Engines Like WordPress

Reposted from ( July 14, 2009)

I switched my website ( over from being a  simple static HTML based site to a WordPress – CMS ( Client… Continue reading

Major Calgary SEO Success

(Republished from August 6, 2009)

I recently read on another Internet consultant’s website that we have to be able to practice what we preach to verify that we are capable… Continue reading

Calgary search engine optimization experiment

(Republished from May 4, 2009)

It has been another 16 weeks since I began tracking the results of  my search optimization experiment. I mostly have been letting the project… Continue reading

SEO Results after 8 weeks

(Republished from March 3 2009)

Just a short note.

After only eight weeks my site is showing on page 4 of Google for the keywords ” Calgary Internet marketing” and… Continue reading

Calgary Internet Marketing on Google

(Republished from Feb 24, 2009)

Five weeks have passed since I optimized my website – – and began writing about it in this blog. Within 2 weeks of making… Continue reading