What’s the #1 Mistake made by Website Owners?

Over the past 18 years, while working with hundreds of customers and several large corporations as their Internet Marketing Consultant, I have watched as the same mistake has been repeated again and again. 

In the beginning the Internet was just developing and no one really knew where it was headed. Then, quite a few years ago now, the term WEB 2.0 became popular and after some research it became clear that simple static websites and online brochures, no matter how great they looked were fast becoming a thing of the past.Web 2.0

 WEB 2.0 applies many of the components required for successful Internet marketing in today’s online marketing environment,  yet I continue to see the majority of websites that fail to even come close. Many website owners have come to believe the Internet doesn’t work. It does work but it has changed.

The main reason your website doesn’t increase your business is a failure to put your purpose ahead of visual gratification.

A past associate of mine once remarked “people don’t search the Internet to find the best looking website”.

They are looking for answers to their questions or for a service that can give them the solution to a problem. While I agree that having a website that appears professional in its design is important if you want to be taken seriously, it’s purpose is to increase your business.

Unlike a brochure that is tossed away after it is read, your website needs to act as your interactive online sales representative. Your website is an active part of your marketing department and it has to be designed to do more than just look great.

Imagine if your top sales person always said exactly the same thing to every customer who asked a question.  Even worse, what if she just handed them a brochure? Business would drop significantly and the reason is simple. You need to find out what your customer wants, before you know how to help them. The best way to do that is to ask the customer a question. The reason brochures make poor sales people is they can’t ask questions. They just sit there and look nice.

The same is true of static websites and beautiful flash driven designs. No matter how attractive they are, they are nothing more than online brochures and search engines don’t like them. If you think you can build a business by reproducing your beautiful brochures on the Internet, it is time to rethink your online marketing strategy. I can help you build an interactive website that performs well on the search engines and continues to change the same way technology is changing.

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