WordPress Portfolio

Following is a list of some of the clients I worked with over the past 3 years who had concerns about their current websites.

Their stories are similar in some cases but the problems they needed to solve were sometimes quite different. The reason I have selected these examples is to demonstrate how versatile and effective WordPress is as a website development platform.

Allow me to say that I did not design all these sites. In fact, in most cases these clients had designs they liked but were having problems getting them to rank well on search engines.  Most were paying their website designers to update the pages and often after many delays.  Some had no websites at all and others wanted to control their online marketing in other ways.

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This client was referred to me by another website designer. They were happy with the appearance of their site but needed to be able to :

  1. Display their products online
  2. Complete with other more visible websites (SEO)
  3. Be able to add and remove products without paying their current website designer to update the site whenever they wanted to add or remove content

The solution was to duplicate the look of the site, make it search engine friendly and allow the store manager to add and remove products  as desired.

This site currently has a page rank of 3 and is in position 2 on page 1 of Google for “ammonite” – 2 positions ahead of the number one competitor they were concerned about.




This client was referred to me by a friend because they had purchased the website already built which was ranking well on the search engines.

  1. They were unable to add or remove product from the pages and the original web designer was no longer in business or available to help them. This is common problem in the industry and one of the reasons having access and control to your content is so important.
  2. They also needed a online store solution that did not require an experienced website programmer to operate

They liked the original design and I was once again required to duplicate the look and feel of the website using WordPress. In addition I was able to set up an e-commerce system using a very easy to operate plugin.



This is another example of a great design that was done in static HTML. 

  1. After switching to an expensive professional WordPress theme the owner found that his customers liked the appearance of the old site.
  2. The original site was built as a static HTML site and the owner was paying high fees for updates.
  3. The site was performing badly on search engines even though there was no competition in this industry.

This site was rebuilt using a WordPress theme that I created to match the original. It is currently ranked #1 on page 1 of Google for “tattoo removal Calgary”, ranked #2 on page 1 of Google for “tattoo removal Edmonton” .


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