WordPress Portfolio 2


This client came to me with a different goal in mind. He wanted to develop a website that would allow him to dominate the Life Insurance Industry in Calgary online.

He needed to add his own new content, videos and contact forms to attract visitors to request insurance quotes online and provide massive amounts of quality information.

WordPress to the rescue! With all the plugins available we were able to build a membership site that is currently ranked number 1 for “Calgary Life Insurance”, in one of the most competitive online markets in the city.

I trained him to design his own themes and we added websites in all the major centres across Alberta.



A consultant of my own, Tony Pozdin asked me to help him improve his online marketing in Calgary.

He had a webpage built into his company’s website but it was basically invisible to the world. This is common with large companies who provide their sales representatives with webpages inside their own domain.

The main problem is they cannot be effectively SEO’d and optimized for the search engines.

Tony wanted to be able to add his own content and with a little guidance and the proper tools he is now ranked number 3 for “Calgary financial advisors” on Google.



This site began as a static design built by a graphic artist who knew HTML website design. The owner was completely dependent on the designer to make any changes.  

However, as is often the case, the designer had no time for updates, and was not educated in search engine optimization methods.

I rebuilt the site, matching the effective design with a new WordPress theme and adding the plugins and blogging capability this client needed to get a better rank on the search engines and share important information with potential customers.

This website is on Page 1 of Google for “Calgary self employment” and “Calgary self employment services”.


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