WordPress Portfolio 3


This is an example of how much a website design can grow using WordPress as a CMS.

The client was relying on the furniture manufacturer’s website to drive business to their store. However, the  website was US based and didn’t really promote the local service.

With a lot of special promotions and sales to advertise to the local Calgary market, something had to be done.

Now with 68 pages of content and the ability to update daily this company is making a serious noise in the community; 24 keywords rank on page 1 of Google.

 Lane Home Furnishings Calgary


How quickly can you get to page one of Google for the keywords that will generate more business for you?

For this new WordPress website design the answer was less then 12 weeks. While Airdrie only has a few major furniture stores, the market was dominated by Calgary competition.

With effective use of content, WordPress SEO tools and a CMS website design that allows all the important search Engine Optimization elements to be applied, this site is moving up fast for “Airdrie Furniture Store” in Google.

And, by offering visitors the chance to sign up for a weekly newsletter promoting weekly specials and events, sales were up when they had decreased a year before during the same period.

Airdrie Home Furnishings


This is an example of how closely we can match the design with a makeover of a static webdesign using WordPress.


The owner designed the site and it was built by a company that hosts and builds websites specifically for Condominium Corporations. SEO and no capability to update information were only 2 of the problems we overcame. The original is on the left.  The site on the right is still a work in progress.


There are some subtle differences but they are hardly noticeable. A key one is the space below the content in the original website is separating the footer from the rest of the content. In the WordPress version the footer is right below the content. More work needs to be done here but that is why we did the website makeover.

The Estate

When you begin using the proper tools and the proper methods, you just have to see the desired increase in your business.