WordPress and SEO

You have to be seen and that means search engine optimization and search engines love WordPress.

No matter what your website looks like, even if it is the most wonderfully designed website ever, if no one sees it you have invested your time and money for nothing.  In order to get traffic your site has to be found on page 1 or 2 at best of the search engines. So why use WordPress?

Search Engines love WordPress because it is built with blogging software that allows you to add content easily and quickly.

Search engines love blogs. Blogs are dynamic and the more you change your website, the better it will rank.  A website that isn’t updated regularly may suggest the business is dormant or the owner has gone missing.  Google and the other search engines do not want to direct visitors to websites that are inactive. 

WordPress offers you free search engine optimization plugins that are easy to set up and use. This makes it easy for non tech types to improve their page rank on search engines. These plugins provide every function needed for a website to show up better on the search engines while static HTML based websites need to be programmed by a professional to achieve the same results.

When you add content you can add it to a new Page or a Blog Post. As you add your content there are built in options that help you notify the search engines what category or keyword tags they need to use to direct traffic to your site. I have had blog posts show up in Google within a few hours of posting them.

Search Engines use page titles, headings and links to determine what is important on a webpage. Using the built in page editors it is so simple to add content that includes the page title, the heading and page links that I have 2 grandsons who are running WordPress websites. They are 11 and 12 years old.

 Honestly, WordPress is the best solution. And it is easy for a professional WordPress website developer to upgrade your current site, or create and exciting new site for you that will perform so much better than a fancy Flash design or static HTML design.