WordPress Training

This part of my website has been set up so that my clients can get assistance using their WordPress Content management Systems.

If you have never run a website using WordPress you may find it worthwhile to watch some of these videos so you can see how easy it is to manage your own website. These videos are very basic but will give you some idea of how to work with the WordPress CMS system.

Using WordPress will save you time and money as you will not have to pay your webmaster to make small but important changes for you.

In all there are 39 videos for your viewing.

Topics are listed by category for easier selection.

The Dashboard: Posts: Pages:
Dashboard Adding New Posts Adding New Pages
Admin Bar Trashing a Post Trashing a Page
Quick Press Restoring a Post Restoring a Page
Changing Your Password


The Visual Editor:
Working With Images: Media Library:
The Tool Bar Adding an Image From Your Computer Media Library
Editing Text Adding an Image From Media Library Adding Media
Adding Paragraphs Adding an Image From a URL Image Editor
Add Heading Editing Images Image Editor-Cropping & Scaling
Hyperlinks Replacing an Image Image Editor – Flip, Undo, Redo
Lists Deleting Images  
Pasting From Word Featured Images  


Appearance: Organizing Content:
Managing Links:
Managing Comments:
Managing Widgets Categories Adding Links Comments
Creating and Managing Custom  Menus Tags Link Categories  
Switching Themes  

Please be aware that WordPress is a very extensive system that allows users to add much more complex functionality that the simple concepts discussed in these videos do not delve into.

If you would like to learn more about how to upgrade your WordPress blog or website, please contact me for more information.